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Post  GoldForever on Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:12 pm

1. When posting a fiction please use the appropriate form and please make sure you post it in the correct section.

2. If you read a fic please comment appropriately. It makes the writer happy that you've shown interest. A simple comment is nice. No one is asking for an essay; unless you want to write one. Don't be nasty to anyone.

3. No text talk. This is important because we may have a member whose first language isn’t English and text talk is hard enough to read at the best of times.

4. Plagiarism is illegal. Anyone caught plagiarizing someone else's work will be banned. If you notice anyone copying your or someone else’s work, please contact an admin about it. This will not be tolerated, using someone’s ideas is wrong. I know its hard to make every fic original but copying word for word or plot for plot isn’t nice so don’t do it. If you're struggling for ideas then why not find someone to write a joint fic with?

5. Please respect all users! Everyone is here for the same reason- to read/write fanfic and for their love of The Wanted. Bullying in any way will not be tolerated.

6. Now onto the guys, please RESPECT their personal lives. Articles that are in newspapers and magazines are ok but being hateful and nasty about ANY of the guys’ girlfriends or family will not be tolerated! They are human beings after all, and unless you know them personally you really have no right to bad mouth just because you don’t like that they are dating the guys. Doing this repeatedly will earn you a ban from the forum.

7. Leaked songs: DO NOT post links to any leaked demo/songs. (i.e. download links or youtube videos). These songs have been stolen and could get the forum closed down.

If you have any questions please PM an admin.
Also, if you wouldn't mind replying to this if you've read it. It's so important for everyone to read this for the forum to run smoothly.


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